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1. Introduction

This is an open access archive for www⁄ACADIA (the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture),1 built using open infrastructure.

It contains:

Furthermore all entries are interlinked by association (contributors<->articles<->issues<->editors; issues<->archive).

For more information about the archive see issue⁄ACADIA Archive Information.

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3. Current archive content count

Note: Currently the archive lists all content from proceedings publications between 1985 and 2020.

Item Description Amount
Issues ACADIA publications 40 + 1 issue about the archive
Articles Peer reviewed proceedings articles (up to 2020) 1488
Contributors Article authors 2057
Editors Proceedings (issue) editors 116 + 1 entry for archivist
Library Library catalogue with downloadable ACADIA publications (note: metadata not finalized) 140

4. About

This archive was developed by editor⁄Constantinos Miltiadis in the context of the www⁄ACADIA Cultural History Fellowship in July 2023. For the making of this archive see article⁄Making this archive.

5. Contact & contribute

To contribute content, suggest corrections, and for other inquiries contact […]
See also article⁄Contribute.

  1. See also www⁄About ACADIA↩︎