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1. Biography

Henriette Hafsaas is an archaeologist researching the relationship between peoples in ancient Nubia and Egypt from a southern perspective. She completed her PhD thesis titled “War on the Southern Frontier of the Emerging State of Ancient Egypt” at the University of Bergen in 2015. In the dissertation, she argues that warfare was a significant form of contact between Nubia and Egypt during the 4th millennium BCE, leading to the emergence of a distinct Nubian culture called the A-group people in the mid-4th millennium BCE and to the collapse of the A-group society towards the end of the 4th millennium BCE.

Hafsaas has worked on various archaeological projects in Sudan, Palestine, and Norway. In Sudan, she has been part of the Medieval Sai Project, which focused on the medieval cathedral of Sai. Hafsaas has published several articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. She is also engaged in ethical dilemmas for archaeologists.

Currently, Hafsaas is the Head of Research at Volda University College in Norway, and she continues to pursue her research interests in the past of ancient Nubia and Egypt.