Angelika Jakobi

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Angelika Jakobi holds a PhD in African linguistics from Hamburg University. Based on extensive periods of linguistic field work in Sudan and Tchad, her research has focused on some languages of the northeastern branch of Nilo-Saharan, particularly Fur, Nyima, Zaghawa, and Nubian. She is the author of The Fur Language (1990) and the compiler and annotator of the bibliography The Nubian Languages (1993, with Tanja Kümmerle). She has also published a study of the Saharan language Zaghawa, Grammaire du beria (2004, with Joachim Crass). In her articles she has explored aspects of semantics, morphosyntax, transitivity, grammatical relations, and case as well as historical-comparative issues. Although she has retired from her last position at Cologne University in 2016, she is still actively engaged in research.